Software Package Radio Signal Technical Analysis

Certificate of state registration of software packages No. 2015662410 of 24.11.2015


  • SMO-STA software is designed for radio signals technical analysis, measurement and identification of their modulation type
  • The software provides for signal saving in a vector form, their analysis at a given frequency, analysis of detected signals and subcarrier signals.

SMO-STA Interface Screenshot in Real-Time Mode

SMO-STA Window Screenshot


  • Can be operated in local and network application
  • Can perform analysis in real time and in post-processing mode.

SMO-STA Provide for the Following Functions:

  • Recording radio signal fragments in a vector form
  • Signal displaying with time and amplitude scaling
  • Signal spectra displaying with arbitrary scaling
  • Signal band filtration
  • Signal frequency shift (for more accurate tuning and demodulation of subcarrier signals)
  • Detection of carrier frequency signals (amplitude, frequency and phase detectors)
  • Detection of subcarrier frequency signals (amplitude, frequency and phase detectors)
  • Identification of signal frequency and time parameters
  • Identification of signal band width
  • Signal special conversion to determine phase modulation
  • Displaying of signal time-and-amplitude histograms to determine digital modulation types
  • Displaying of maximum and minimum deviation curves to determine the signal structure
  • Equipment control and signal recording to the hard disk.

SMO-STA software package supports any equipment produced by IRCOS