Compromising Emanation Measuring Software Packages


  • To handle studies tasks and check equipment for compromising emanations
  • Hardware control of compromising emanation measuring equipment
  • Calculation of data processing equipment protection parameters in accordance with data safety requirements.


  • The software can be also used with panoramic analysis equipment produced by other manufacturers
  • The software is developed in accordance with statutory document “Monitoring Procedures for Protection of Computer-Processed Data from Leakages due to compromising emanations” issued by the RF FSTEK in 2005, edition of Dec. 2007
  • The software ensures a high level of automation of compromising emanations recording and parameters measurement
  • SMO-RAPIRA and SMO-PRANA software automatically transmits results of measurement into SMO-PRANA calculation application
  • Besides traditional compromising emanations detection algorithm, the software includes an additional testing and detection algorithm that detects only informative emissions.

The Software Package includes:

  • SMO-RAPIRA - compromising emanations registration and analysis software for communications and electronic equipment
  • SMO-TEST – software to be installed to computer equipment and designed for switching to the test mode ensuring maximally accurate detection and identification of informative compromising emanations. Switching to the test mode of SMO-TEST is performed automatically when operation of SMO-RAPIRA Software Package. When SMO-TEST is used in a standalone mode, the test mode can be launched by operator.

SMO-RAPIRA Basic Functions:

  • Automatic registration of compromising emanations spectrum components using ARC-D1 and ARC-D11
  • Automatic measurement of compromising emanations parameters
  • SMO-PRANA - calculation software for data processing equipment protection in accordance with SMO-PRANA data safety requirements.

SMO-RAPIRA Interface

SMO-TEST Basic Functions:

  • Switching to the test mode for several types of tested equipment and data transmission links
  • Enabling automatic control of mode switching from SMO-RAPIRA master software
  • Manual test mode switching
  • Test mode parameters adjustment.

SMO-PRANA Basic Functions:

  • Calculation of all basic parameters describing potential of information leakages through compromising emanations; perform calculations based on equipment field tests (including the fields with data protection systems)
  • Calculations in the following modes:
    • Lab studies of computer and automation equipment
    • Field tests w/o active protection equipment (APE) impact
    • Field tests considering active protection equipment impact
  • Calculation of intermediate parameters:
    • Real signal distribution factors on air and in transmission lines
    • Active protection equipment parameters
    • Antenna effective height for calculation of pick-up levels in random antenna
  • The software saves measurement and calculation results in its own database and can generate standard measurement reports as HTML and RTF files in compliance with statutory documents.

SMO-PRANA Interface