Panoramic Analysis, Measuring and Direction Finding Software Package

Certificate of state registration of software packages No. 2015613059 of 03.03.2015


  • Panoramic spectrum analysis, detection, direction finding and parameters measurement.


  • Can be operated in local and network application
  • Designed for operation within automated radio monitoring system.

Software Package Includes the Following Applications:

  • SMO-PA Software Package to control radio monitoring equipment. Supports interaction of all units in panoramic analysis mode in real-time and postprocessing modes.
  • SMO-PAI Software Package to control the measuring equipment Supports interaction of all units in panoramic analysis mode in real-time and postprocessing modes. Certificate of measurement procedure qualification No. 206/000265/2011 as 01.02.2011. It is also registered in the Federal Metrology and Standardization Foundation with No. ФР.1.38.2011.10001.
  • SMO-PPK Software Package to control direction finders. Supports interaction of all units in panoramic analysis and direction finding modes in real-time and postprocessing modes.

The Software Package Provides for the Following Functions:

Spectrum and Panorama mode:

  • Real-time displaying of results of fast panoramic spectrum analysis.
  • Probability spectrum display
  • Display of the data on recorded emitters in spectrogram
  • Recording of accumulated spectrum files and frequency-time distribution.
  • Radio signals listening and saving demodulated signals to the hard disk.
  • Automatic search for active radio channels, saving of the detected frequencies in the database
  • Background monitoring of the detected radio channels.
  • Generating of reports with active channel search results.

SPECTRUM Window Screenshot


Measurement mode:

  • Automated technical analysis of radio signals
  • Operation in spectral lens mode with resolution ranging to few Hz.
  • Measurement of peak, quasipeak, root-mean-square and average signal level
  • Measurement of electromagnetic field strength (if calibrated antennae are available)
  • Generating of measurement protocol for the coverage zone based on geographical coordinates (if calibrated antennae and navigation equipment are available)
  • Automated and automatic measuring of signal frequency, bandwidth, frequency distribution and comparing of the deviation with standard
  • Automatic and simultaneous identification of the type and parameters of radio signal modulation at the carrying frequency and subcarrier frequency
  • Real time transferring of field strength measurement results to the mapper application for coverage map drawing.

MEASUREMENT Mode Screenshot (SMO-PA)


Bearing Mode:

  • Single channel direction finding of radio signal sources
  • Multi-channel (parallel) direction finding of radio signal sources
  • Amplitude direction finding using directional antenna and remotly controlled rotator
  • Displaying of bearings panorama, its saving to the database and to the frequency-time range loading file
  • Filtering of radio signal sources for the set angle range and their displaying on spectrum and bearing panoramas.
  • Transfer of direction finding results to mapper application.

BEARING Mode Screenshot (SMO-PPK )


Review mode:

  • Scanning of the preset list of frequencies, storage of scanning results (spectra, time-based samplings and sounds) in databases
  • Generating of reports with review results
  • Operation with database of recorded sources

REVIEW Mode Screenshot

SMO-PA - REVIEW Mode Window