Software Package for Indoor Radio Monitoring and Radio Signal Parameter Evaluation

Certificate of state registration of software packages No. 2016613562 of 29.03.2016


  • SMO-DX Software Package forms a part of the system mathematical software for signal parameter evaluation and radio monitoring indoors. It ensures interaction of all equipment in the system during signal detection and identification.


  • Can be operated in local and network application
  • Provides for the following modes of operation:
    • With «reference» panorama
    • With reference antenna.

SMO-DX - Spectrum Panorama Window

SMO-DX - SEARCH Mode Window

The Software Package Provides for the Following Functions:

Main Functions

  • Hardware control
  • On-line radio environment analysis
  • Real-time spectrum analysis of radio signals and measuring their levels
  • Recording accumulated spectrum files to the database
  • Review and operations with the previously accumulated spectrum panorama
  • Finding and identification of new radio emitters
  • Identification of different radio emissions
  • Saving of the new and identified emitter parameters to the database
  • Operations with recorded emitters database
  • Report generation based on operation results.

Functions Available with Wire Network Analysis

  • High-frequency signal spectrum analysis in AC network and other wire networks
  • High/low-frequency signal detection in wire networks.

Software Package is compatible with the following radio monitoring equipment: ARC-D1, ARC-D11, ARC-D13R, ARC-D15R.