Fixed Means


Fixed Unattended System of Recoding and Technical Analysis


  • The system is intended for search, detection, evaluation of parameters, direction finding, recording, technical analysis and classification of signals within HF, VHF, UHF and SHF ranges both stand-alone and as a part of automated radio monitoring systems.


Typical Configuration:

  • ARGAMAK-CS Digital Panoramic Radio Receiver (operating frequency range is 20-3000 MHz, simultaneous bandwidth up to 22 MHz), mast-mounted design
  • EFSU External Field Sensor Unit (omni-directional measuring antenna)
  • Mast
  • Controller with software for remote control
  • Backup power supply system with remote control (battery-run time of the radio monitoring equipment is 2 hours minimum)
  • Thermostatic moister proof cabinet for installation of the equipment (external temperature range -20C+30C)
  • Communication and data transmission equipment
  • Automated workstation (AWS) with SMO-PA, SMO-STA, SMO-ASPD Software Packages.


  • Extension of operating frequency range up to 8 GHz
  • High-stable reference frequency generator (relative frequency tuning error is 1x10-9 maximum)
  • Extension of operating temperature range for outdoor operation: additional heat Insulation (down to -55C), conditioner (up to +55C)
  • Equipment of back-up communication channel (2G/3G/4G modem)
  • SMO-BS Software Packages for Wireless Data Communication System Analysis: BS 3GPP (GSM, UMTS, LTE), BS CDMA (IS-95, cdma2000, EV-DO), BS TETRA, BS DECT, BS TRUNK (DMR, APCO P25)
  • SMO-CT Software Package for Digital TV Signal Analysis

Structural Diagram of ARGAMAK-CSN

Features of System:

  • Power supply system, controller and communication equipment are placed inside thermostatted moisture protected cabinet that provide an ability of outdoor location
  • To prevent overloading in complicated electromagnetic environment, digital radio receiver includes additional analogue path with 500 kHz bandwidth
  • System can be installed on the roofs of high-rise residential and administrative buildings, cellular operator towers, etc.
  • The distance between ARGAMAK-CS with EFSU and controller unit can be up to 100 m
  • Joint operation of several stations, including being a part of ASMS (ARMADA, AREAL etc.)

System Provides:

  • Panoramic spectrum analysis within the entire operating frequency range or within separate intervals in complicated electromagnetic environment, accommodation to ambient radio environment and detection of its changes
  • Search for emission sources within selected frequency ranges, including frequency hopping signals
  • Plotting frequency-time diagram of loading within analyzed frequency ranges.
  • Evaluation of signal parameters
  • Field strength evaluation
  • Recording of radio emission spectrum
  • Technical analysis, including revealing of central frequency, signal type, modulation type, signal bandwidth
  • Automatic recognition of radio emissions
  • Demodulation and decoding of digital streams both in real time and in post-processing mode.
  • Check of frequency/time parameters and service information of base station of modern communication and data transmission systems (GSM, IS-95, cdma2000, EV-DO, UMTS, TETRA, DECT, LTE, DMR, APCO P25).
  • Remote control based on TCP/IP via wire and wireless communication channels
  • Generation of reports with measuring and radio monitoring results in Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, HTML and PDF file formats.

Basic Technical Specifications of Systems in Complete Configuration

Operating frequency range 0.009 – 18000 MHz
Panoramic spectrum analysis rate up to 10 GHz/s
Maximum simultaneous bandwidth 22 MHz
General Parameters
Power consumption 1000 W, max.
Dimensions of uninterruptible power supply unit (W x D x H) 600 x 600 x 1500 mm, max.
Weight of uninterruptible power supply unit max. 80 kg
Operating temperature range -55C +55C

Technical specifications of the system depends on parameters of ARGAMAK-CS Digital Radio Receiver.

Fixed Means