Digital Radio Receivers

This section describes digital radio receiving units and tuners.

All basic component of the equipment manufactured by IRCOS are designed and produced by the company itself. In 1999 the company started manufacturing of proprietary professional digital radio receiving equipment and from that time became one of the leaders in the industry in Russia. Our success is mostly based on our thorough approach to quality in design of analog equipment for signal pre-selection, signal level in spurious channel, linearity of signal processing, output filtering and amplification. The digital part of the devices is built on the software defined radio (SDR) principle, while advanced digital signal processors, programmable logic integral circuits, analog to digital converters are used.

Digital radio receivers support basic operating frequency range from 9 kHz to 3000 MHz This range can be further extended by means of signal frequency tuners.

In 2011 the company started manufacturing of radio receivers based on ARGAMAK+ modules with IF bandpass up to 24 MHz and high sensitivity, linearity and dynamic range. Since 2018, the company will start to supply a new digital wideband panoramic radio receiver with a simultaneous bandwidth up to 160 MHz, and also ARGAMAK-VM0 and ARGAMAK-VM1 Remote Radio Monitoring Units designed for indoor and outdoor use.

IRCOS designs not only ready solutions but also provides user with opportunity to design his own software and hardware for his individual tasks. According to this, the company supplies ready-made radio receiving units for both analogue and digital signal processing, as well as radio signal converters that enable selection and transfer of radio signals to intermediate frequency and digital processing modules.