Digital Radio Receivers


Radio Receiving Module


  • Quadrature A/D processing of radio signals
  • Multifunctional signal digital processing
  • Continuous recording of the signals to integrated data storage

ARC-CPS3 Module with installed storage

ARC-CPS3 Module with installed storage

Typical Configuration:

  • Radio Receiving Module
  • Software Development Kit.


  • Storage to save recorded signals (SDXC cards)
  • Built-in shaper of radio signals
  • Module of antenna filters for shaper of radio signals
  • Control and display module
  • Software packages for radio monitoring (SMO-PA,, SMO-STA,, SMO-ASPD)
  • SMO-BS Software Packages for Wireless Data Communication System Analysis: BS 3GPP (GSM, UMTS, LTE), BS CDMA (IS-95, cdma2000, EV-DO), BS TETRA, BS DECT, BS TRUNK (DMR, APCO P25), BS Wi-Fi
  • SMO-CT Software Package for DVB-T/T2/H Signal Analysis.

Module Provides:

  • Scheduled cyclic scanning within a frequency range or over separate frequencies
  • Scheduled panoramic spectrum analysis of radio signals, panoramic spectrum accumulation for a given frequency range
  • Continuous IQ recording to integrated data storage
  • Technical analysis, determination of modulation type and measurement of radio signal parameters
  • PC-controlled operation
  • Decoding of service parameters of communication systems of GSM, IS-95, cdma2000, EV-DO, UMTS, LTE, TETRA, DECT, DMR, APCO P25, Wi-Fi standards, and DVB-T/T2/H.

Basic Specifications

General Parameters of Receiving Path
Operating frequency range 70 – 6000 MHz
Noise figure (preamplifier on) 15 dB, max.
Maximum allowable input voltage 23 dBm
Input attenuator 0 - 30 dB with 2 dB increment
Antenna input sensitivity @measuring bandwidth 1 kHz and signal to noise ratio 12 dB 1.5 V, max.
When operated with internal reference generator
Frequency fluctuations of reference generator within operating frequency range 5x10-7
Phase noise of heterodyne when mistuning at 10 kHz, max.: -100 dBs/Hz
Selectivity and Harmonic Distortions
Spurious rejection 40 dB, min
Intermodulation free dynamic range 3rd order  60 dB, min
Panoramic Spectrum Analysis
Panoramic spectrum analysis rate up to 20 GHz/s
Channel monitoring rate 30 channel/s, min.
Max. real-time analysis bandwidth 40 MHz
Duration of continuous recording to internal storage Depends on the storages volume
Frequency band width for signal recording to PC:
Continuous up to 10 MHz
Fragments Up to 40 MHz
General Parameters of Radio Signal Shaper
Operating frequency range 70 – 6000 MHz
Maximum real-time band of signal shaping, max. 40 MHz
Operating Temperature, Weight, Dimensions and Power Supply
Control interface and digital IQ output USB 3.1, Ethernet
Power supply voltage 10 - 15 V
Power consumption, max. 7 W
Operating set weight, max 0.5 kg
Dimensions, max. 170x100x15 mm
Operating temperature range:
without built-in storage From -40C to +55C
with built-in storage From -25C to +55C

Digital Radio Receivers