Digital Radio Receivers


Radio Receiving Module


  • Radio signal filtering, amplifying and transfer within frequency range from 0.009 - 3000 MHz to the intermediate frequency and A/D conversion of IF radio signal
  • Multifunctional signal digital processing
  • Continuous recording of the signals to integrated data storage

ARC-CPS2M Module with installed storage

ARC-CPS2M Module with installed storage

Typical Configuration:

  • ARC-CPS2M Digital Processing Module. Available designs:
    • Basic – frequency range 20 – 3000 MHz
    • Extended – frequency range 0.009 – 3000 MHz
  • Software Development Kit.


  • Built-in storage to save recorded signals
  • Control and display unit with SMO-PA, SMO-STA, SMO-ASPD Software Packages.

Module Provides:

  • Scheduled cyclic scanning within a frequency range or over separate frequencies
  • Scheduled panoramic spectrum analysis of radio signals, panoramic spectrum accumulation for a given frequency range
  • Continuous IQ recording to integrated data storage
  • Technical analysis, determination of modulation type and measurement of radio signal parameters
  • PC-controlled operation
  • Decoding of service parameters of communication systems of GSM, IS-95, cdma2000, EV-DO, UMTS, LTE, TETRA, DECT, DMR, APCO P25, Wi-Fi standards, and DVB-T/T2/H.

Basic Specifications

Operating frequency range:
in basic configuration 20 – 3000 MHz
Extended design 0.009 – 3000 MHz
Noise figure (preamplifier on) 12 dB, max.
Maximum allowable input voltage 23 dBm
Input attenuator 0 - 30 dB with 2 dB increment
Antenna input sensitivity (@measuring bandwidth 1 kHz and signal to noise ratio 12 dB) 1 V, max.
When operated with internal reference generator
Frequency fluctuations of reference generator within operating frequency range 5x10-7
Phase noise of heterodyne when mistuning at 10 kHz, max.:
within 0.009 - 30 MHz range -110 dBs/Hz, max.
within 20 - 1000 MHz range -90 dBs/Hz, max.
within 1000 - 3000 MHz range -85 dBs/Hz, max.
Selectivity and Harmonic Distortions
Spurious rejection 70 dB, min
Intermodulation free dynamic range (3rd and 2nd order) within 10 MHz simultaneous bandwidth 75 dB, min
Panoramic Spectrum Analysis
Panoramic spectrum analysis rate up to 6500 MHz/s
Channel monitoring rate 30 channel/s, min.
Max. real-time analysis bandwidth 22 MHz
Length of continuous radio signal recording to the built-in storage within 2 MHz band 120 minute, min
Length of continuous radio signal recording to the built-in storage within 5 MHz band 60 minute, min
Length of continuous radio signal recording to the built-in storage within 10 MHz band 30 minute, min
Frequency band width for signal recording to PC:
Continuous up to 5 MHz
Fragments Up to 22 MHz
Operating Temperature, Weight, Dimensions and Power Supply
Control interface and digital IQ output USB 2.0
Power supply voltage 10 - 15 V
Power consumption, max.
in basic configuration  15 W
Extended design 17 W
Operating set weight, max
in basic configuration 0.3 kg
Extended design 0.4 kg
Dimensions, max.
in basic configuration 145x100x13 mm
Extended design 170x100x13 mm
Operating temperature range:
without built-in flash-drive From -40C to +55C
with built-in flash-drive From 0C to +55C

Digital Radio Receivers