Transportable and Portable Means for Radio Monitoring

Transportable Radio Monitoring System


The system intended for direction finding, recording, technical analysis and classification of signals used in modern communication systems and data transfer system in HF, VHF, UHF and SHF ranges, as well as localization of their emitters.

The system can be implemented based on ARTIKUL-H1 or ARC-D11. Upon that configuration, function and technical specifications of the system depends on parameters of corresponding equipment.

Typical Configuration:

  • Based on ARTIKUL-H1:
  • Based on ARC-D11:
  • AS-HP5 Antenna System for automatic direction finding within 20 – 3000 MHz, with integrated navigation equipment
  • Mast or tripod to mount antenna system
  • Control and display unit with SMO-PPK, SMO-STA, SMO-ASPD Software Packages.



ARC-D11 with AS-HP-HF

ARC-D11 with AS-HP1


  • AS-HP2 Antenna System for automatic direction finding within 3 – 8 GHz, with integrated navigation equipment
  • AS-HP-HF Antenna System for automatic direction finding within 1.5 – 30 MHz, with integrated navigation equipment
  • Communication and data transmission equipment
  • Vehicle luggage box with fasteners to mount antenna system
  • ARC-GIS Geoinformation Server
  • SMO-PVP Cross Talk Detection Software Package
  • SMO-DX Software Package for Indoor Radio Monitoring and Signal Parameter Evaluation


  • Navigation equipment integrated with the antenna system allows evaluating coordinates and course of the direction finder both at temporary stops and while moving
  • Joint operation of several systems (when communication equipment is available), e.g. as a part of Automated Spectrum Monitoring Systems (ARMADA, AREAL etc.)

System Provides:

  • Single- and multi-channel direction finding of radio signals with any modulation types and spectrum width
  • Search for radio emission, measurement of their parameters
  • Creation of databases, their extension and comparing of the recorded data with the references in the database
  • Recording of radio signals to a storage device
  • Panoramic spectrum analysis within the entire operating frequency range or within separate intervals under complicated electromagnetic conditions, detection of changes in ambient electromagnetic conditions
  • Recording the radio environment to the hard drive within a specified frequency range. This procedure can function within a long period and is based on amplitude/frequency/bearing/time coordinates, the station location and the absolute time at the time of saving
  • Accumulation of data for further analysis in the post-processing mode, simultaneous recording of demodulated signals and their service parameters (frequency, time, signal level, etc.)
  • Demodulated signals playback
  • Displaying the emitter bearing and localization of detected emitter on the electronic map (when ARC-GIS is included)

Basic Technical Specifications of Transportable Radio Monitoring System in Complete Configuration

General Parameters
Operating frequency range 1.5 - 8000 MHz (replaceable antenna systems)
Single channel dynamical range 110 dB, min
Intermodulation free dynamic range (3rd and 2nd order) 75 dB, min
Attenuators 0 - 30 dB with 2 dB increment
Panoramic Spectrum Analysis
Panoramic spectrum analysis rate up to 20 GHz/s up to 3 500 MHz/s
Detected signal minimum duration 1 s 2 ms
Single-Channel and Multi-Channel Direction Finding
DF method Correlative interferometer
Operating azimuth range 0 - 360
Multi-channel direction finding rate up to 2 500 MHz/s up to 150 MHz/s
Single-channel direction finding rate more than 100 bearing/s 30 bearing/s
Processed signal minimum duration 10 ms 30 ms
DF field sensitivity, max.  
within 1.5-20 MHz range (AS-HP-HF) 15 V/m (typical 9 V/m)
within 20-110 MHz range (AS-HP5) 10 V/m (typical 6 V/m)
within 110-3000 MHz range (AS-HP5) 8 V/m (typical 4 V/m)
within 3000-8000 MHz range (AS-HP2) 15 V/m (typical 13 V/m)
Instrument DF accuracy (RMS), max.  
within 1.5-20 MHz range (AS-HP-HF) 5
within 20-110 MHz range (AS-HP5) 5
within 110-3000 MHz range (AS-HP5) 2.5
within 3000-8000 MHz range (AS-HP2) 5
Processed emitter signal spectrum width Arbitrary
Radio Channel Monitoring, Technical Analysis and Broadcast Recording
Max. recording bandwidth 40 MHz 5 MHz
Types of recorded data Bearing, demodulated signals, spectrograms, time, time-based signal sampling (I/Q)
Maximum simultaneous bandwidth:  
within 1.5-5 MHz range 1 MHz 1 MHz
within 5-20 MHz range 2 MHz 2 MHz
within 20-110 MHz range 5 MHz 5 MHz
within 110-220 MHz range 10 MHz 5 MHz
within 220-8000 MHz range 24 MHz 5 MHz
Continuous recording time Depends on storage volume
Dimensions, Weight
Antenna system dimensions (diameter x height)  
AS-HP5 580 × 300 mm
AS-HP-HF 465 × 170 mm
AS-HP2 350 × 190 mm
Antenna System weight, max. 8.5 kg

Transportable and Portable Means for Radio Monitoring