Measuring Means

This section provides a line of measurement digital radio receivers offered by IRCOS. Produced measuring receivers are used not only for signal measurements, but also for signal detection, technical analysis, radio source localization, parameters control tasks for mobile radio communication base stations and digital television transmitters and they may be used in fixed, mobile and portable systems and stations.

Modern design, circuitry and software solutions, robust process of production and adjustment allowed, on the basis of ARGAMAK family digital radio receiver, developing a line of digital panoramic measuring radio receivers with a simultaneous signal analysis band up to 22 MHz Measuring means are controlled locally or remotely through wire or wireless channels, which allows using them in automated spectrum monitoring systems. All measuring means have a built in diagnostic system for state and operation parameters of modules and units. Diagnostic information is transmitted via SNMP protocol. ARGAMAK-IS, ARK-KNV4M measuring means may be installed into temperature controlled and moisture protected boxes and placed immediately outdoors without using service premises.

On the basis of ARGAMAK-IS and ARC-KNV4M measuring means, fixed and mobile measuring stations and systems ARCHA-IN, ARCHA-INM, ARGAMAK-ISN, ARGUMENT-I have been developed. ARGAMAK-M Portable Measuring Receiver is used within ARC-NK5I Manpack Measuring System.

ARGAMAK-IS Measuring Receiver is a prototype of ARGAMAK-RS Measuring Receiver (protected design), which is intended for measurement of radio signal parameters, and also for search, detection, identification, recording, demodulation, spectrum and technical analysis of radio signals in HF, VHF, UHF, SHF ranges, and for localization of radio emission sources while operating as a part of a distributed system.

Key features of measuring means:

  • Technical and metrological parameters completely comply with International Telecommunication Union recommendations
  • Due to high functionality they may be used by both the Ministry of Communications and security agencies
  • Measuring means have options of unattended design and alarm sensors (impact, inclination and opening sensors)
  • Built-In Test Equipment (BITE)
  • Fixed measuring equipment is based on digital ARGAMAK-IS Radio Receiver, has frequency range from 9 kHz to 8000 MHz (up to 18 GHz with optional equipment), and simultaneous bandwidth up to 22 MHz
  • Digital radio receivers of fixed means allows processing input signals in real-time: the speed of spectrum analysis within the simultaneous view band is 600 GHz/sec at the spectrum discreteness of 25 kHz, the speed of panoramic spectrum analysis is up to 10 GHz/sec at the spectrum discreteness of 6.25 kHz
  • An additional analogue path with a 500 kHz band built in the digital radio receiver can be used to eliminate overload of the digital path of ARGAMAK-IS, ARGAMAK-RS measuring receivers in complicated electromagnetic environment
  • Small dimensions of ARGAMAK-IS measuring digital radio receiver allow integrating it immediately in an antenna system to ensure high sensitivity and accuracy of measurements on the account of loss reduction, absence of pickup and better coordination; and when there is an additional coherent receiving path – building a correlative interferometer direction finder on its basis allowing high accuracy measurements
  • ARGAMAK-IS, ARGAMAK-M and ARGAMAK-RS support all necessary types of measurements, including measurements of electromagnetic field strength, frequency and radio emission bandwidth, decoding and analysis of service information of digital communication networks and data transmission GSM, UMTS, IS-95, cdma2000, EV-DO, TETRA, LTE, DECT, Wi-Fi, APCO P25, DMR, and DVB-T/H/T2 digital TV signals
  • ARGAMAK-IS and ARGAMAK-RS measuring means have a function of synchronization by signals from GPS and GLONASS global navigation satellite systems, which allows making high accuracy frequency measurement of received signal required for instance for measurement of signal parameters of DVB-T2 single frequency networks
  • ARGAMAK-IS and ARGAMAK-RS measuring means allow implementing a hybrid radio emission source localization system, where sources are located on the basis of information fusion: arrival time and levels of radio signals at measurement points.

  • ARGAMAK-IS Panoramic Field Strength Meter
  • ARC-D1TI Multi-Functional Measuring Radio Monitoring System
  • ARGAMAK-M Panoramic Measuring Receiver
  • ARC-KNV4 External Remote-Controlled Down Converter
  • ARGAMAK-RS Measuring Radio Receiver (Protected Design)