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Mobile Direction Finder


Typical Configuration:

ARTIKUL-M1 Mobile Direction Finder

ARTIKUL-M1 Mobile Direction Finder



Direction Finder Provides:

Basic Technical Specifications of Direction Finder in Complete Configuration

General Parameters

Operating frequency range 1.5 – 8000 MHz
Single channel dynamical range 110 dB, min
Intermodulation free dynamic range (3rd and 2nd order) 75 dB, min
Attenuators 0 - 30 dB with 2 dB increment

Panoramic Spectrum Analysis

Panoramic spectrum analysis rate up to 20 GHz/s
Detected signal minimum duration 1 µs

Single-Channel and Multi-Channel Direction Finding

DF method Correlative interferometer
Operating azimuth range 0° - 360°
Multi-channel direction finding rate up to 2 500 MHz/s
Single-channel direction finding rate more than 100 bearing/s
Processed single signal minimum duration 1 ms
DF field sensitivity, max.  
within 1.5-20 MHz range 15 µV/m (typical 6 µV/m)
within 20-3000 MHz range 8 µV/m (typical 3 µV/m)
within 3000-8000 MHz range 15 µV/m (typical 6 µV/m)
Instrument DF accuracy (RMS), max.  
within 1.5-20 MHz range
within 20-3000 MHz range 2.5°
within 3000-8000 MHz range
Processed emitter signal spectrum width Arbitrary

Radio Channel Monitoring, Technical Analysis and Broadcast Recording

Max. recording bandwidth 40 MHz
Types of recorded data Bearing, spectrograms, time, time-based signal sampling (I/Q)
Maximum simultaneous bandwidth:  
within 1.5-5 MHz range 1 MHz
within 5-20 MHz range 2 MHz
within 20-110 MHz range 5 MHz
within 110-220 MHz range 10 MHz
within 220-8000 MHz range 24 MHz
Continuous recording time Depends on storage volume

Dimensions, Weight

Antenna System dimensions, max. 1550×1110×550 mm
Antenna System weight, max. 50 kg

Typical curves of RMS and DF sensitivity vs. frequency for ARTIKUL-M1 Direction Finder are given below.

Typical curve of RMS vs. frequency (MHz) for ARTIKUL-M1 Mobile Direction Finder

Typical curve of DF sensitivity (μV/m) vs. frequency (MHz) for ARTIKUL-M1 Mobile Direction Finder

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