Mobile Means


Mobile Measuring Radio Monitoring System


  • The system is intended for search, detection, measuring of parameters of REE signals, recording, technical analysis and classification of signals used in modern communication systems and data transfer system in HF, VHF, UHF and SHF ranges, when operated as a part of mobile station standalone or as a part of automated spectrum monitoring systems (ARMADA, AREAL etc.)

Typical Configuration:

  • ARGAMAK-RS Measuring Radio Receiver (Protected Design)
  • Navigation and timing equipment GLONASS/GPS for location finding and synchronization of the systems when joint operating.
  • ARC-A7A-3 Broadband Antenna for Installation on Vehicle
  • Power system with charger and battery
  • Control and display unit with SMO-PAI, SMO-STA, SMO-ASPD Software Packages.


  • External field sensor unit (omni-directional measuring antenna)
  • Mast or tripod to mount ARGAMAK-RS with EFSU at temporary stops
  • Communication and data transmission equipment
  • ARC-GIS Geoinformation Server
  • Software packages for cross talk detection (SMO-PVP), base station signal analysis (SMO-BS), DVB-T/T2/H signal analysis (SMO-CT).


  • To increase measuring accuracy in complicated electromagnetic environment, additional built-in analogue path with 500 kHz bandwidth can be used
  • Localization of radio emission sources localization based on TDOA method (when being operated at temporary stops as a part of distributed system)

System Provides:

  • New rafio emitters search, measurement and comparison against the database
  • Panoramic spectrum analysis within the entire operating frequency range or within separate intervals under complex electromagnetic conditions, detection of its changes
  • Recording radio environment within a specified frequency range. This procedure can function within a long period and is based on amplitude/frequency/time coordinates, unit location and the absolute time at the time of saving
  • Databases maintenance.
  • Automated monitoring of open radiophonic channel within specific range sections and/or fixed frequencies, simultaneous recording of demodulated signals and their service parameters.
  • Recording and technical analysis of radio signals in real time mode and in postprocessing mode.
  • Check of frequency/time parameters and service information of base station of modern communication and data transmission systems (GSM, IS-95, cdma2000, EV-DO, UMTS, TETRA, DECT, LTE, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, DMR, APCO P25)
  • Demodulated signals playback
  • Accumulation of data for further analysis in the postprocessing mode
  • Field strength measuring and its distribution mapping
  • Evaluation of field strength distribution around emitters subject to terrain and presenting of the results in the map
  • Localization of emitters based on field strength measurement
  • Localization of radio emission sources with amplitude method, as well as TDOA and combined methods (when being operated at temporary stops as a part of the system).
  • Verification of emitter parameters
  • Creating and printout of reports
  • Database management (archivation, recovery, filtering, etc.).

Technical specifications of the system depends on parameters of ARGAMAK-RS Measuring Radio Receiver

Mobile Means