Mobile Means


Mobile Technical Analysis System


  • The system is intended for search, detection, evaluation of RES's signal parameters, recording, technical analysis and classification of modern HF, VHF, UHF and SHF communication systems operated as a part of a mobile station

Typical Configuration:

  • ARGAMAK-CS Digital Panoramic Radio Receiver designed to be used as a part of mobile systems (operating frequency range 20-3000 MHz, simultaneous bandwidth 22 MHz)
  • ARC-A7A-3 Broadband Antenna for Installation on Vehicle
  • Power system with charger and battery
  • Control and display unit with SMO-PA, SMO-STA, SMO-ASPD Software Packages.

ARGAMAK-CS designed to be used as a part of mobile systems


  • Extension of operating frequency range (9 kHz – 8 GHz)
  • High-stable reference frequency generator
  • Navigation and timing equipment GLONASS/GPS for location finding, increasing of accuracy of the frequency measurement and synchronization of several units when joint operating.
  • Communication and data transmission equipment
  • External remote-controlled ARC-KNV4M Frequency Down-Converter (3-18 GHz)
  • Directional antenna set
  • ARC-UP2 Rotary Support Device to mount directional antennae
  • Mast or tripod to mount rotator with measuring antennae
  • ARC-MA2 HF Magnetic Receive Antenna
  • Software packages for base station signal analysis (SMO-BS), DVB-T/T2/H signal analysis (SMO-CT).

System Provides:

  • New radio emission search, evaluation and comparison against the database
  • Panoramic spectrum analysis within the entire operating frequency range or within separate intervals under complex electromagnetic conditions, detection of its changes
  • Recording radio environment within a specified frequency range. This procedure can function within a long period and is based on amplitude/frequency/time coordinates, unit location and the absolute time at the time of saving
  • Databases maintenance.
  • Automated monitoring of open radiophonic channel within specific range sections and/or fixed frequencies, simultaneous recording of demodulated signals and their service parameters.
  • Recording and technical analysis of radio signals in real time mode and in postprocessing mode.
  • Demodulated signals playback
  • Accumulation of data for further analysis in the postprocessing mode
  • Creating and printout of reports
  • Database management (archivation, recovery, filtering, etc.).

Technical specifications of the system depends on parameters of ARGAMAK-CS Digital Radio Receiver.

Mobile Means