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Test Generator


The generator is intended for generating unmodulated and modulated radio signals, which can be used to check operability of radio monitoring and direction finding systems afield.

ARC-TG3 Test Generator with Power Supply Unit and Charger

ARC-TG3 Test Generator with Power Supply Unit and Charger


  • Test generator unit
  • Remote control panel
  • Power supply and charging unit with battery
  • Telescopic rod antenna
  • CD with software
  • Carry bag

The Unit Provides

  • PC-controlled or stand-alone operation
  • Recording of tasks for stand-alone operation from a PC (USB 2.0 interface) or from a remote control unit
  • Scanning within given frequency range with set step or as per the list of frequencies (in stand-alone operation mode).

Basic Specifications

Operating frequency range 25 – 3000 MHz
Output power 50 mW min.
Modulation Modes Non-modulated, angular modulation (NFM, WFM)
Minimum tuning step 100 kHz
Relative error of frequency tuning ±5×10-7
Stray emissions level in the operating frequency range (vs. the level of the basic signal)
Quadratic component minus 25 dBs max
Other frequencies minus 30 dBs max
Phase noise level (within 10 kHz interval from the basic signal level) minus 75 dBs max
Power supply voltage
from AC network 50 Hz 90 - 250 V
DC 9 - 32 V
Power consumption in signal generation mode 7 W, max.
Dimensions 330 x 250 x 130 mm, max.
Weight with battery 4 kg, max.

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