Technical Means for Radio Monitoring

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Manpack Means

This section presents manpack radio monitoring means designed for operation during motion and stops. They can be used both in open terrain and indoors, be carried on body or in the hands of the operator during work, and also be used at temporary and fixed workstations or on mobile carriers. The manpack means are most effective when used to solve the "last mile" tasks, their design is optimized for service in hard-to-access locations, or where hidden use of equipment is required.

ARTIKUL-H1 automatic correlative interferometer direction finder is compact and has light weight allowing its use in manpack mode. In terms of its functions and capacities, it is as good as mobile or fixed direction finders. Uninterruptible operation time in manpack mode is several hours, and it can be extended by means of the additional set of batteries. The direction finder is equipped with navigation means, which ensure automatic referencing of bearings to the northern direction and position measurement of the direction finder.

The root mean square figure of direction finding and field sensitivity of direction finding listed in the Catalogue are determined by the methods, relevant standard test procedures considered in guidelines ITU-R SM.2060 and SM.2096, ITU Handbook “Spectrum Monitoring”, Geneva, 2011 , and in ITU-R SM.2125 report. Additionally, typical sensitivity is specified that is determined as its mean value in the said frequency range for a group of products.

ARGAMAK-M Panoramic Receiver serves as a hardware basis for ARC-RP3M Handheld Direction Finder and ARC-NK5I Manpack Measuring Radio Monitoring And Direction Finding System. The antennae coming within the package can be used in active and passive modes. In the active mode, antennae have high sensitivity, in the passive mode – linearity, which enables localization of radio source both in a remote zone, and in close proximity to them. Control may be provided with a mobile device with OS Android, for example, a smart-phone.

Real-time spectrum analysis provided by the ARGAMAK-M DRRU with information presented in the form of probable spectrum make it possible to detect and differentiate packet signals from different sources within a single frequency band and perform their selective direction finding. Motion tracks, signal levels, bearings are displayed on the electronic map, probable locations of radio emission sources is measured automatically.

Key features of manpack means: