Technical Means for Radio Monitoring

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Distributed Wi-Fi Monitoring System


Typical Configuration:

ARC-ABS External Wi-Fi Analyzer


Structural Diagram of ARC-D10R

System provides:

Localization of Wi-Fi access points by SMO-ARMADA (system of five ARC-ABS units)


Analysis of Wi-Fi topology in SMO-ARMADA

Basic Specifications

Number of ARC-ABS units in the System (protected premises) Not limited
Supported standards of wireless network IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Operating frequency ranges 2412-2484 MHz, 5170-5905 MHz
Control interface of ARC-ABS unit Ethernet
Power supply of ARC-ABS unit PoE 48 V
Power consumption of ARC-ABS unit, max. 10 W
Operating temperature range of ARC-ABS unit +5°С … +40°С
Weight of ARC-ABS unit, max. 0.95 kg
Dimencions of ARC-ABS unit, max. 440×110×60 mm

Indoor Radio Monitoring