Antennae and Antenna Systems


DF Antenna System


  • Receipt and direction finding of radio signals in SHF range being a part of automatic direction finders.

Basic Configuration:

  • AS-HP2 Antenna system inside radome
  • Lead-in cable

AS-HP2 Antenna System

AS-HP2 Antenna System


  • Vehicle luggage box with tools to mount the antenna system on a vehicle
  • Tripod (mast) to mount the antenna system when operating at temporary stops.

AS-HP2 Antenna system on a carring frame


  • Can be mounted both on a vehicle, mast or special frame carried by operator
  • Small dimensions, easy installation/deinstallation
  • Built-in navigation equipment
  • Ability for operation in motion.

Basic Specifications

Operating frequency range 3 – 8 GHz
Power supply voltage 21 - 32 V
Power consumption 20 W, max.
Operating temperature range - 20°C +55°C
Antenna system dimensions (diameter x height) 350 x 190 mm
Antenna System weight, max. 3 kg

Antennae and Antenna Systems