Antennae and Antenna Systems

All basic components of IRCOS hardware-software means and systems are designed and produced by the company itself. They include antenna-feeder devices, which are presented in this section.

DF antenna systems AS-HP-HF, AS-HP1, AS-HP2, AS-HP5, telescopic masts ARC-MT1M, ARC-MT3, and antenna rotators ARC-UP1M, ARC-UP2, ARC-UP3D are supplied as a part of hardware-software systems, antennae ARC-MA2, ARC-A2M, ARC-A7A-3, ARC-A12, ARC-A17, ARC-A19 can be supplied as independed units.

  • ARC-MA2 Small-Size HF Magnetic Receive Antenna
  • ARC-A2M Low-Profile Indoor Antenna
  • ARC-A7A-3 Broadband Antenna for Installation on Vehicle
  • ARC-A12 Broadband Outdoor Antenna for Installation on Mast
  • ARC-A17 Wideband Omni-Directional Active Antenna for Radio Monitoring
  • ARC-A19 Wideband Omni-Directional Active Antenna for Radio Monitoring
  • AS-HP-HF DF Antenna System
  • AS-HP1 DF Antenna System
  • AS-HP2 DF Antenna System
  • AS-HP5 DF Antenna System
  • ARC-MT1M Telescopic Mast with Dielectric Section
  • ARC-MT3 Telescopic Mast
  • ARC-UP1M, ARC-UP2 Remote Controlled Antenna Rotator
  • ARC-UP3D Remote Controlled Three-Coordinates Antenna Rotator